City’s Effort to Trump Medical Marijuana Act Fails


The City of Wyoming’s attempt to ban medical marijuana use is misguided at best and is clearly unconstitutional. First and foremost, the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act preempts local cities and villages from passing regulations that are in conflict with the state  law. The fact that the law is murky and in need of a legislative fix doesn’t mean a city can try and do the legislatures work for them. The other fact that appears to be lost on the city is that the referendum creating the Medical Marijuana Act came about as a result of the voter’s enacting the legislation.  The City of Wyoming can’t pass a law that flies in the face of the will of the electorate of the entire state. Does the City really mean to suggest that legitimate patients can get their medicine everywhere in Michigan except in the City of Wyoming?  The City would be better off spending its efforts on lobbying the legislature for a fix of the perceived problems.  In the meantime, they should stay out of the business of prohibiting patients from exercising their right to lawful medication.