Probate and Estate Planning

Whether a loved one has passed or you are planning your own estate, you need quality and compassionate representation to guide you through the sensitive topic and potential pitfalls. James R. Samuels can provide safe and well-informed advice for all of your Probate and Estate Planning needs.

When a loved one passes, there are many things to resolve. James R. Samuels is dedicated to determining the easiest way to probate an estate with the least amount of paperwork and hassle to your family or even if the estate needs to be probated at all. There are different ways that an estate can be handled depending on the size and type of assets in the estate as well as what planning documents exist. The trained professionals at Samuels Law Office will make the process as painless as possible.

Estate Planning Guidance

Estate Planning is more than just property. Many aspects of your life and those of your loved ones need to be considered in the event of your passing. James R. Samuels can guide you on topics such as:

  • Whether you need a will or trust, or both
  • Planning for Medicaid,
  • Minimizing the impact of Medicaid recoupment of your assets,
  • Avoiding probate altogether.
  • Medical Directives
  • Durable Power of Attorneys

Every person should have an estate plan.  No matter the size of the estate, James R. Samuels can help you best address your needs and set forth your wishes.